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司琴低娃 誕生於2019年,是隻很愛音樂的低地大猩猩。

主創人 李拾壹 擅長結合創意和音樂製作,在此之前已擁有超過五年的電視電影廣告配樂,流行曲製作及意念行銷的經驗。



Lowland Pianist was born in 2019, is a lowland gorilla who loves music and everything about it. 

Subyub Lee, the creator, is good at combining creativity and music production. He has more than five years of extensive experience in a variety of television, film, and advertising soundtracks production, pop music composition, and concept marketing execution.

We believe that music is more than sound frequency,

each note should contain its own enthusiasm and creativity, and hold its own mission to spread the concept it carries. 

That is why we should let the music talk, breathe, and thrive. 

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