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When it comes to successful ads and promos, music matters. We have extensive experience in producing music for advertising, our soundtrack can get an audience pumped about your brand and eager to buy your product. We have worked with a variety of clientele, like - HSBC, DBS, (SamSung, Expedia, Caltex, Hong Kong Broadband Network, Wai Yuen Tong, EMAX, etc. 

配樂製作 Music Production : Text
配樂製作 Music Production : Videos



我們與不同的電影和電視公司合作,包括寰亞電影,天下一電影製作,HMV數碼中國集團,ViuTV,Now TV,香港電台等,並為香港流行電影製作了一系列配樂,例如電影《29+1》,《春嬌與志明》,《低俗喜劇》和爆紅電視節目《全民造星》等。我們的作曲人李拾壹憑藉電影《29+1》中「Fake a Smile (For Hector)」一曲入圍第37屆香港電影金像獎最佳原創電影歌曲。

As part of the film's or TV show’s soundtrack, which usually includes pre-existing music, dialogue, and sound effects, and comprises different music cues, which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene. We have experienced composers, in collaboration with the film's or TV show’s director or producer, we produced a series of amazing soundtracks.

We have worked with different film and television companies including Media Asia Film, One Cool Film, HMV Digital China Group, ViuTV, Now TV, RTHK etc., and produced a series of music for popular Hong Kong movies like - 29+1, Love in a Puff, Vulgaria and reality Good Night TV Show - King Maker. Our composer Subyub Lee has shortlisted for the best original film song of the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards with the “Fake a Smile (For Hector)” in the film 29+1. 

配樂製作 Music Production : Text